The Judge

Meister Kirisaki is an excellent bread judge, and we've seen him judging in the semi finals and finals of the Pantasia Newcomers' Battle. Like what his history says, Meister Kirisaki is quite a magician and to add, has a knowledge of acrobatics.

When judging, Meister Kirisaki makes use of his birds to express his reactions. This is where the magic tricks are seen. He can make the birds come of from his mask (this still leaves me asking how he's able to keep those birds inside his mask, bahahah!). It is not just that, each of his birds corresponds to certain range of scores.

According to episode 24, the judging for the finals is exclusive to its General Manager.

During the semi-finals, Azusagawa Tsukino and Kawachi Kyousuke were shocked to see a peacock's tail coming out of Meister Kirisaki's mask. In order for them to understand fully his bread judging way, Matsushiro Ken took out a chart and explained how the scoring sheet works. (I wonder where he got the chart?)

The scores are based on the bird that appears out of Meister Kirisaki's mask. And if it's a peacock, you'll get the perfect 100 score since it is the only bird with an exact score.

However, if you are a bread-genius like Azuma Kazuma, you just might see the peacock come out in full form from Meister Kirisaki's mask. You won't get more than 100 points since a bird coming out in full form never usually happens, but he will consider your bread as one of the extraordinary ones he had the opportunity to taste of.

And after announcing the winner of the semi finals, the rest of Meister Kirisaki's birds came out of his mask which I find epic. And despite his seriousness and formalities, he can still be somewhat humorous due to the craziness of the series.