Name: Silvian Kirisaki
A.K.A.: Meister Kirisaki, General Manager
Age: late 20s
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Platinum Blonde
Ethnicity: Japanese/French
Family: Father (Yuichi), sister (Sophie), mother (deceased)
Seiyuu: Hayami Sho

Meister Kirisaki is the general manager of the Pantasia Main Branch. He is one of the excellent bread artisans and a gourmet judge. The Meister doesn't like appearing in public, thus, making his appearance a big deal.

Just so I remembered how I am a fool when it comes to blonde bishounens, Meister Kirisaki fitted my requirements (lol). His very most distinguishing features are his titanium-alloy mask, bird feathers and yes of course, his Victorian attire. These features are seen throughout the series and we've only seen him in bakery uniform in episodes 27 (Pantasia uniform) and 69 (St. Pierre uniform). He wears a mask to hide his true identity due to the fact that he is the son of the owner of St. Pierre, thus, giving him enough reason to do so. The last person who saw him without his mask is the manager of Pantasia Southern Tokyo branch, Matsushiro Ken.

Since we've already emphasized Meister's special features, let's move on to his look-alike. Yup, Meister Kirisaki and Zechs Merquise are somewhat alike. But there are big differences between the two so do not be mistaken. Zechs is wearing a mask, almost helmet-like that is covering half of his head and he doesn't mind taking off this mask. Unlike Meister Kirisaki, his mask is only covering half of his face and he is not taking off his mask specially in front of the crowds. Speaking of Meister Kirisaki's mask, it actually extends down to his chin when situation calls for it; like the incident happened in episode 21.