The Peacock

Coo is the pet peacock of Meister Kirisaki and also a well-trained bird. What do I mean by well-trained? Meister Kirisaki can order Coo to spy on the Southern Tokyo Branch staff members and surpisingly, Coo was seen calling Meister Kirisaki using a telephone booth and a credit card. And what's even more surprising is that, he can actually understand what the bird was trying to say even if all Coo could blurt out is "Cooo~".

According to Meister Kirisaki, Coo is actually docile. However, there are times when it gets excited and runs off. And out of all the birds that he uses for his bread judging, Coo is the only one who was frequently seen in the series.

Peacocks usually doesn't like to fly high and far, but Coo is an exemption. In episode 24, Coo managed to fly high while still in Meister Kirisaki's mask due to the effect of Azuma Kazuma's bread and it chased Kawachi Kyousuke for an unknown reason.

Coo is not just exemptionally well-trained, the peacock itself can also be an excellent bread judge. When judging, the peacock stretches its tail fully for a perfect 100 score and flies around extremely high for an extraordinary bread. In episode 56, Coo judged a bread battle along with Kuroyanagi Ryou.