He is portrayed as calm and silent, only speaking when it is something of importance, as shown when talking to Ichigo. His composure is great enough to even put up with the juvenile antics of his fellow Zanpakutou spirits, even when he is caught in the middle of it. Unlike the other manifested Zanpakutou spirits, Hyourinmaru does not remember his name or his master. His reason for rebelling against the Shinigami is to find the place where he and his power can be understood. He seems to have a slightly humorous side to him as well. During one of the anime omakes, Isane Kotetsu steps in to check up on Toushirou while he was still recovering from his battle only to find the flowers, the basket of fruit, the curtains, and his blanket frozen. Also, there were two statues of Toushirou and Hyourinmaru bowing down to him, while he asks Isane casually if something was the matter. After being scolded by her, and having all of the ice removed, Hyourinmaru simply says his release command and freezes the room again, this time completely, shocking Isane.

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