Hello there visitor # , welcome to Frozen Skies - the approved fanlisting for Toushirou Hitsugaya's zanpakutou; Hyourinmaru, from the anime/manga series BLEACH! This fanlisting covers all versions of Hyourinmaru as a manifested spirit, as a weapon and as a zanpakutou (sword). If you happen to be a fan of Hyourinmaru, feel free to join the fanlisting. ^_^

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02.DEC.2011 - At last, I've finally moved to the fanlisting's second version - featuring the manifested spirit of Hyourinmaru.
09.MAY.2011 - Frozen Skies is now listed at TAFL.Org!
05.MAY.2011 - The site is still waiting to get listed at TAFL.Org and is now online!
04.MAY.2011 - Hyourinmaru section is already up! I can't believe I worked for this fanlisting within a day... XD
     - Fanlisting section is already up!
     - The layout design is finally done.
25.APR.2011 - Application has been approved.

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