Haji is Saya's first and only living, chevalier.

At the Zoo

Haji maintains the look of a man in his early twenties, when in reality he has been alive since the late 1800s. In the year 1870, Joel Goldschmidt I purchased the 12-year-old boy from his parents at the price of a loaf of bread. Haji was brought to the "Zoo" and introduced to Saya in hopes that they would mate and create new specimens for Joel and his colleagues to study.

When Haji was first introduced to Saya, his appearance was small in stature, accompanied by a gray outift, blue tie and braided black hair. Though he eventually grew to be taller than Saya (much to her annoyance), the only other changes in his appearance were the style of his hair, a ponytail, and his darkened shade of clothing.

Haji grew up in Joel's mansion, spending nearly every day with Saya as her only friend. Throughout the years, her agelessness, daily ingestion of blood and extraordinarily fast healing ability confused him. Finally, he questioned Joel about these peculiar traits. He was told that blood was necessary to Saya's survival.

Becoming a Chevalier

Years later, in 1883 Haji falls from a cliff after attempting to pick a flower Saya wanted for Joel's birthday gift. He cracks his skull open on the hard ground below, causing Saya to panic. She remembers the conversation Haji had with Joel about blood and, misunderstanding the meaning of the old man's words, gives Haji her blood in an attempt to save him. While at first she believes that she has killed him, the convulsions and accompanying stillness was Haji's transformation into Saya's chevalier.

Haji is last seen standing behind Saya as she watches Joel's mansion burn to the ground. Saya apparently felt guilty for her lack of knowledge over the years, and has apologized to Haji for turning him that day. He in turn assures her that he felt no resentment, and that becoming her chevalier allowed him to be by her side as she lived her dream of traveling the world with her sword.

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