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This section is the fanlisting for the relationship between our two Ao Haru Ride protagonists, Mabuchi Kou and Yoshioka Futaba. If you're a fan of any aspect of their relationship, please consider joining and get listed as a fan!

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  1. Aki - - W3 - Philippines
  2. Cami - - W3 - United States
  3. LINDSAY - - W3 - United States
  4. Megan - - W3 - United States
  5. Nana - @ - W3 - Spain
  6. Nao Yoshioka - - W3 - Brazil
  7. Nina Ren - - W3 - Australia

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RelationshipMabuchi KouYoshioka Futaba

Twisted Love is the only fanlisting approved by the anime fanlistings network for the relationship between Mabuchi Kou and Yoshioka Futaba from the anime/manga series Ao Haru Ride.