Hello there, Intruder! Welcome to Tattoo - the TAFL approved fanlisting for the anime/manga series created by Junichi Sato; Kaleido Star. If you are a big fan of Kaleido Star, please consider joining this fanlisting.

Last Updated: 18th February 2018
Member(s): 20 (+0) fans from 8 countries
Newest Fan(s): Jess
Script Used: Enthusiast 3.1.5


01.MAR.2013 - Thank you so much Ka Moon DNA for donating 4 icons and Pipra for donating a 200x40 code. I do apologize that it took me forever to put them up.
15.JUL.2011 - I've just added 11 codes in the fanlisting section, all donated by Michelle.
08.JUL.2011 - Tattoo is now open!
01.JUL.2011 - Application form has been approved!

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