12.03.2012 - I'm currently fixing all of my fanlisting collective's categories, putting all of my owned and joined fanlistings in one category. So, I'll try to finish fixing them all tonight and hopefull nothing idiotic would occur during the process. Good luck to me!
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 Too Ugly!

Too Ugly!
Bleach: Ayasegawa Yumichika

Opened: 08th February 2012
Fans: 373 (+0) from 46 countries
URL: https://fan.indisguise.tk/yumichika
 Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Opened: 16th July 2012
Fans: 79 (+1) from 28 countries
URL: https://fan.indisguise.tk/laruku

Sanada Genichirou & Yukimura Seiichi

Opened: 08th June 2011
Fans: 62 (+0) from 23 countries
URL: https://fan.indiguise.tk/sanayuki
 Angels Instead

Angels Instead

Opened: 10th February 2014
Fans: 1080 (+0) from 62 countries
URL: https://fan.indisguise.tk/sephiroth
 Flamboyant Fruit

Flamboyant Fruit
Sohma Ayame

Opened: 04th November 2013
Fans: 1719 (+0) from 67 countries
URL: https://fan.indisguise.tk/ayame
 Three Musketeers

Three Musketeers
Sohma Ayame, Hatori, Shigure

Opened: 25th October 2011
Fans: 646 (+0) from 53 countries
URL: https://fan.indisguise.tk/trio
 Lost Child

Lost Child
Soujirou Seta

Opened: 12th March 2013
Fans: 1506 (+0) from 70 countries
URL: https://fan.indisguise.tk/seta

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