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Ranking order:
      - Sixth
Hours ruled by the Snake:
      - 9am to 11am
Direction of its sign:
      - South-Southeast
Season and principal month:
      - Spring-May
Corresponds to the Western sign:
      - Taurus
Fixed Element:
      - Fire
      - Negative (aka Yin/Night)


Philosopher, theologian, political wizard, wily financier - the Snake person is the deepest thinker and enigma of the Chinese cycle. He is endowed with an inborn wisdom of his very own; a mystic in his own right. Graceful and soft-spoken, he loves good books, food, music, the theater; he will gravitate towards all the finer things in life. The most beautiful women and powerful men tend to be born under this sign.

A person of this sign generally relies on his own judgement and does not communicate well with others. He can be deeply religious or psychic, or on the other hand, totally hedonistic. Either way, he trusts his own vibrations rather than outside advice. More often than not - he will be right!

Like the Dragon, the Snake is a Karmic sign. His life ends in triumph or tragedy as his past actions distate. And although he will deny it, he is very superstitious behind his sophisticated front. People born under other signs may defer payment to the next life (if one so chooses to believe), but the Snake seems destined to pay his dues before he leaves. Perhaps this is also of his own choosing, as a person born under this sign is unusually intense and will seek to settle scores, consciously or unconsciously, in everything he does.

A native of the Snake year is not likely to be bothered by money problems. He is fortunate to have what he needs. Should funds be low, he is extremely well-equipped to remedy the situation. In the event he does suffer sizable losses, it probably will not happen a second timel the Snake learns fast. He can recoup with amazing speed and as a rule is prudent and shrew in business.

By nature, the Snake person is a sceptical being, but unlike the Tiger, he tends to keep his suspiciouns to himself. He treasures his privacy and will have many a dark secret locked up within him.

Elegant in speech, dress and manners, the Snake person does not like indulging in useless small talk and frivolities. He can be quite generous with money, but is know to be ruthless when he wants to attain an important objective. He has no qualms about eliminating anyone who stands in his way.

It is never safe to draw a line and predict that this is how far the Snake will go. His computer-like brain never stops plotting and he can be viciously unrelenting. Remember, he is one of the most tenacious signs of the Chinese zodiac.

In his relationships with others, he is possessive, and very demanding. And yet at the same time, he views his associates with a certain distrust. He will never forgive anyone who breaks a promise. He is also prone to being neurotic, even paranoid, where his pet fears and suspicions are concerned.

Despite being finely tuned and highstrung by nature, Snake people of both sexes are characterised by beautiful complexions.

All Snakes have a sense of humour. Of course, they may have different brands. Some prefer to be dry, others sardonic, scintillating or even disbolical at times. Nonetheless, it's there. The best time to observe this is when he or she is under duress. In a crisis, the Snake can still crack a joke to lighten the atmosphere. Even when he is weighed down by enormous troubles, the Snake-born will not lose that twinkle.

Orientals sometimes regard the Snake as a supernatural creature with a touch of sinister. This is because he lives for such a long time and renews himself by shedding his skin for a new one each time he outgrows it. This particular trait symbolises his ability to be reborn and to emerge from conflict with restored vigour.

By now you must gather that it will be no mean task dealing with the Snake. What makes it even trickier is the fact that under all that serenity he is always on guard. His outward calm never betrays his true feelings. He knows and plans his moves well in advance. He has willpower and will maintain his position to the bitter end. He can be very evasive and elusive when he chooses and just when you think you ahve got a grip on him - he wriggles free. Needless to say, he makes the perfect politician. He can negotiate anything under the sun when he put his mind to it.

Snake people are passionate lovers. They are always sensual about anything they undertake. He or she may exhibit the same fervent ardour in chasing a much-covted business deal as in winning the affections of his or her latest heart throb.

Snake people usually lead dangerous lives full of excitement and intrigue, especially those Snakes who have an insatiable lust for power and the limelight.

The best partners for the Snake will be the dependable Ox, the dauntless Rooster or the illustrious Dragon. He could do well teaming up with the Rat, Rabbit, Sheep and Dog too.

In times of confusion and troubles, the Snake person is a pillar of strength because he maintains his presence of mind. The Snake can deal with bad news and misfortune with great aplomb. He has a profound sense of responsibility and an unsinkable constancy of purpose. It will be this constancy or purpose coupled with his natural hypnotic charisma that could carry him to the highest realms of power.


People born in a year ruled by the Fire element will display above-average qualities of leadership; they are decisive and sure of themselves. They have the maximum capacity by their particular sign to motivate people and bring ideas into fruition because they will be more aggressive and positive than other natives of their particular sign. Loving adventure and innovation, they will tend to take on bright new ideas readily and try to dominate others with their creativeness and originality. They do no fear risks and like to keep on the move and to explore new horizons.

They are the doers - given to dynamic action and speech. However, they must keep a close rein on their emotions as their ambition and forcefulness may amplify their selfishness and make them inconsiderate and impatient when they wishes are not gratified. The more a Fire person tries to achieve his ends by force or violence, the more he will encounter opposition and danger.

They have all the prerequisites to produce winners of the highest caliber provided they are sympathetic to the views of others and hear everyone out before taking action. They should cultivate the qualities of a goodlistender and curb their impulsive tendencies. Many of these people also tend to be too outspoken for their own good.

Like their element, Fire, they constantly draw others to their warmth and brilliance and they cang reatly benefit those who seek their company. But Fire people can also turn destructive and cause a good deal of damage whent hey fail to control and direct their energies properly.

sagittarian snake

Here the Snake is lighter, freer and more relaxed, with a cultivated air of nonchalance. Fashionable, informed and dashing, he will also have a lesser sense of duty because of the Sagittarian's love of freedom. You won't find him chained to the workbench. He has too much class, and besides, both signs have lofty ideals and love success and applause - although in different ways. The Snake is tenacious and careful and bides his time. The Archer striks when the iron is hot and never hesitates to forge his destiny by action. The outcome of this union produces a wise but unshackled man.
- Adapted from "The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes" by Theodora Lau.

blood type

Confident and Strong-Willed, Proud, Dedicated, Sociable, Energetic, Extroverted, Frank, Realist, Showy, Flighty, Generalist, Positive, Independent, Risk-Takers, Dislike taking orders, Insecure, Stubborn & Self-Centered.

Make friends easily and go with flow and grasp opportunity. Quick to start a project or chase an idea. Are good at organizing activities. May have short attention span, and expresses strong emotions. May quickly take opposite views that are deep but not always durable. Classic entrepreneurs and movers and shakers. Express their emotions but can be swayed by other blood types. Have an intrinsic elegance. Sociable and showy. May be good at adapting to circumstances. Words come easily to them. Not self conscious and will frankly reveal inner feelings. Ambitious, but may have issues with detail.

Like to be touch and be touched by others.
- Thanks to BloodGivers.com

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