Honda Tohru

The lead character of the series. Even though it seems that Ayame treats her like her servant (telling her to serve tea/dinner and all) but in fact he envies how she is able to express her so openly to Yuki and touch him. This is unlike how Ayame is doing so as he shoots out his thoughts at everyone and in the end frustrates Yuki. Basically he wants to aim at how Tohru communicates with Yuki as he wants to gain Yuki's respect as well as understanding. Aside that, he does express his love openly for everyone, including Tohru. Sometimes he just says playful words to spite Yuki and Kyou. I believe through this he also saw how much Tohru meant to them and hopes to attain that level with Yuki as well.

Kuramae Mine

His assistant in his shop. We see that she understands Ayame a great deal, including the fact that he is afraid of being alone and sometimes needs to seek comfort as well, despite his outward appearance that it does not bother him at all. This is also one of the reasons why he wants to be close to Yuki. So all along when he avoided Yuki, I believe Mine provided her companionship then and this helped Ayame through. It is later revealed that the two have a deeper relationship at the end, and I believe Ayame is really serious (unlike his past attitude towards love). It is not confirmed through that she knew about the curse.

Sohma Hatori

One of the members of the Mabudachi and the Sohma member under the curse of the dragon. Their personalities are vastly different. Ayame is loud and outspoken whereas Hatori is quiet and keeps his thoughts to himself. Still, we can see that Hatori understands Ayame a lot. In fact, Hatori is the only one Ayame listens to and yes, for once he can keep quiet. The reason being that Ayame sees Hatori as having what he does not have. I believe this is the same case for Tohru too. But back to Hatori. Hatori seems to be the character that keeps Ayame in place and prevents him from going overboard. But Hatori does not abuse this fact that he has control. Though he does exert it at times like discussed in the indepth section when Ayame gets too frivalous. He is also seen advising Ayame not to push Yuki too much and to take things slowly. In response Ayame takes his advice but adds that he wishes to be like Tohru. Here we can see how much Ayame wants to be close to Yuki.

Sohma Shigure

The other member of the Mabudachi and the Sohma member under the curse of the dog. In this case Ayame and Shigure are much more similar in their personalities. Both like to pretend to be lovers in front of the others (like Tohru, Yuki and Kyou) to exasperate them. Both of them can play along with each other pretty well, still I believe that their relationship is not as close as Ayame and Hatori.


Sohma Yuki

Ayame's younger brother and the Sohma member under the curse of the rat. When he was young he was often abused by Akito (the head of the Sohma clan) and Ayame allowed so in order for his own freedom. (whether Yuki knows is another thing) Now that Ayame sees his mistakes, he seeks to reconcil with Yuki and therefore, takes every possible chance to irritate close the gap. At first Yuki takes Ayame's gesture negatively but with the help of Tohru sees Ayame's kind intentions and slowly accepts as well as admires him. We see later that they interact a lot more and Ayame even visited him in school (at the parent-teacher meeting) where we see Yuki saying thank you to Ayame - a very comforting scene for Ayame as his efforts have succeeded thus far. Another scene would be when Yuki visits Ayame's shop! And so we see Yuki returning Ayame's efforts~ So far they seem to be getting closer, as Ayame confides further in Yuki (and vice versa).

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