After all that's said and done, just why exactly should Ayame be loved? Well, here's just a list of reasons, no matter how trivial or silly they are! (This section is purely for fun.)

  1. He's original. He's flamboyant. He's Ayame.
  2. He's a snake. Don't we all admire snakes?
  3. His hair. It's all natural white and flowy.
  4. His piercing, golden eyes. Gotta envy them.
  5. A list isn't a list without touching on his awesome body! Just what you expect from a snake.
  6. His unique, fashion sense.
  7. He's a fashion designer cum tailor! (both men + women~)
  8. His overflowing confidence. We all need some.
  9. Totally honest and open-minded.
  10. Beautiful language. Gotta have the gift of the gab.
  11. Radiating presence. The king is here!
  12. Humourous. He is comedy.
  13. Loud-mouthed but likeable.
  14. Frivalous moments, he doesn't hide them.
  15. His memorable high school days. We need colourful days.
  16. A student council president which no one can excel.
  17. How he talked his way out concerning his hair - pure nonsense, pure amusement.
  18. No one can beat the red-light district incident.
  19. His passion for being the person whom students can vent their sexual frustrations on.
  20. And that passion eventually transferred to his job, where his fashion transcends genders.
  21. Part of the Mabudachi!
  22. His funny moments with Shigure.
  23. How he listens to Hatori each time.
  24. How he's so adorable in his snake form.
  25. And when he was young.
  26. Weaker moments. Everyone has some.
  27. But yet he tries to conceal them.
  28. He realised & regretted his insensitivity towards the girl.
  29. The lonely scene with Mine - heart-warming.
  30. Amazing that he seems unaffected by Akito or the curse.
  31. He's infectious.
  32. He's a man of action.
  33. And has a habit of breaking the norms.
  34. His amusing introduction in the series.
  35. His sincerity and determination in making up to Yuki.
  36. Rambling scenes with Yuki, Shigure, Hatori etc.
  37. How he respect yet envy people who has what he doesn't (eg. Hatori & Tohru)
  38. He seriously cares for those close to his heart, like telling Hatori about Kana's wedding.
  39. Those brotherly moments where they confide in each other.
  40. We all cheer for his success in bridging the gap between him and Yuki!
  41. Ritsu admires Ayame!
  42. So does Kakeru!
  43. And slowly Yuki does too!
  44. How he overeacts when Yuki takes the initiative.
  45. His outstanding show-up at Yuki's teacher-parent meeting.
  46. Priceless image of him running to Yuki in a wedding gown.
  47. The scene of him and Mine going nuts dressing Machi up.
  48. His relationship with Mine, something more than employee-employer.
  49. He and Mine make an amazingly perfect match.
  50. The heartwarming scene when he could finally touch Mine when the curse was broken.
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