Name: Sohma Ayame
Age: 27 years old
Height/Weight: 175 cm / 63 kg
Blood Type: O
Zodiac: Sagittarius / Under the cure of snake
Sibling: Yuki's older brother
Occupation: Owns a dressmaker's shop that customises costumes/clothes for both women and men/designer

First appears unexpectedly to Tohru's surprise. The amusing thing is that he was in his snake form. Apparently it was winter and he felt cold, so he sought Tohru for warmth. Thus, he was brought back home by Tohru and later he is introduced into the story.

He is loud, expressive and confident at first glance but later we see that he really wishes to be closer to Yuki after ignoring him when they were young. He seemed to be a selfish boy then, giving the nod for Akito to have Yuki. In return, he could have his freedom.

Even so, Ayame still seems the least unaffected by the curse. Even though he had wriggled his way away Akito, there was still the contact with the opposite sex. He works with Mine in his shop, and often comes into contact since it's clothes.

It is also revealed that he has been close to Hatori and Shigure since young. They formed the Mabudachi Trio in their high school days. It is little wonder that Ayame was the Student Council President too (just like Yuki).

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