Ayame is definitely one of the most interesting characters in the series. He is full of confidence, (very) outspoken and does not really bother what other people think of him as long as he believes in it. Besides that, he flaunts what he has to offer. He may come off as arrogant but in my view it is quite positive. After all, he does not put down people in a nasty way. And yes, he is a comic relief. Who does not agree? His dramatic lines certainly cracks one up (especially when he recalls his high school days). To add to that, he was the President of the Student Council and he maintained that position throughout his graduation (well, with the help of Hatori). And whatever negative comments is lashed at him, he laughs it off.

So you think he is just a shallow character? Not at all. He does have his serious moments too. For example his work. He is very passionate about it and aims for his goals where every men can express themselves freely (in this case their choice of clothes). Another example would be him wanting to be closer to his younger brother Yuki. Though he was a selfish little boy and made foolish mistakes in the past, but he repents and regrets it deeply. And of course, he does have his weak points too as more is revealed about Ayame later on. He is afraid of being lonely and we see a sweet moment between him and Mine. An interesting point to note is that he seems to be the only zodiac member that seems unaffected by Akito or the curse. Though he has 'redeemed' freedom, a curse is still a curse.

Another part of him is a caring brother who is striving (a lot) to close the gap between himself and Yuki. There is a large age gap between them but adding to that, he ignored Yuki when they were young. To make things short, he did not act out his role as an older brother. But now, he realises his mistakes and wishes to make things up to Yuki. Despite the fact that Yuki gives him the cold shoulder at first (Ayame's persistence can get annoying after a while), Ayame continues, not the least disheartened, and makes progress in the end. I believe Ayame was truly sincere and determined in this gesture.

We can see this in his entrance. He is introduced to the series right after Akito met up with Yuki. Ayame's motive was to take this oppoturnity to comfort Yuki and act his role as an older brother, but he use to excuse of visiting Tohru instead. I believe he did so because Yuki would give him an even colder response. Still, even though Ayame saw that Tohru had helped Yuki through, he still took the chance to shorten the gap between them. In return, we see that Yuki does respond somewhat positively when he told Tohru that he could not be like Ayame in the situation where the other party keeps shrugging you off.

Another episode we see Ayame is when Yuki and Tohru visit his shop. Yes, it was shocking for Yuki. But what mattered in this section was when the two spent some time along talking. Of course there are the arguments and all but in the end we see that Yuki actually admired Ayame in one aspect: his overwhelming confidence (and yes, it is definitely something worth admiring).

As mentioned earlier, his weaker moments. He seems to confide in Mine and through this he does not feel so lonely. It is not confirmed if Mine knows about him being cursed, but we can confirm that they seem to be in a relationship. Towards the end when the curse is broken, he finally embraces Mine. Another part where he seemed rather regreful and somewhat vulnerable was when he recalled an incident of his high school days. In a nutshell a girl liked him (from another school, as the schools collaborated) but he was insensitive to her feelings. Ayame is a bit slow and insensitive to other people's feelings (but maybe now he is more so) and thus absentmindedly brushed her away. The girl was affected (of course) and Hatori reprimanded Ayame (slapping him too). Ayame said that he regretted it and wished to make up to the girl all along. He says that years later he did chance upon her (in fact she recognised him first) but she seemed all normal (even married!). Ayame was taken aback but then he felt relieved later. But I suspect that his emotions were mixed and he did not know what to think at first. After all, all these years you felt like you let down someone and caused really bad hurt but yet it wasn't as bad as you thought. But this experience I believe, did teach Ayame something.

All in all I do not think Ayame is your usual, common character in every other series and is in fact very attractive in his own area. He has his own unique traits, the most important one being he acts out what he says and believes in. I admire his character a lot, namely his confidence and how expressive he is. No, he does not give a care what the others think about him (like how he carries himself, dresses and his work etc) and takes their negative feedback like it is nothing. Instead he turns it around. People may say he is weird in certain areas but not for me. That is what is attractive. Yes, he is one special very character. For the bias part, I am born under the year of the Snake too.

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