12.03.2012 - I'm currently fixing all of my fanlisting collective's categories, putting all of my owned and joined fanlistings in one category. So, I'll try to finish fixing them all tonight and hopefull nothing idiotic would occur during the process. Good luck to me!
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Actors: Matsuyama, Kenichi
Actresses: Aragaki, Yui
Animation: Shaun the Sheep
Anime/Manga Characters: Ayasegawa Yumichika (BLEACH)
Anime/Manga Characters: Ayame Sohma (Fruits Basket)
Anime/Manga Characters: Hagi (BLOOD+)
Anime/Manga Characters: Haru Yoshida (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun)
Anime/Manga Characters: Hyourinmaru (BLEACH)
Anime/Manga Characters: Illumi Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)
Anime/Manga Characters: Kazuya Tokugawa (Tennis no Oujisama)
Anime/Manga Characters: Kenji Yamaguchi (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun)
Anime/Manga Characters: Meister Silvian Kirisaki (Yakitate!! Japan)
Anime/Manga Characters: Soujiro Seta (Rurouni Kenshin)
Anime/Manga Relationships: Atobe Keigo & Tezuka Kunimitsu (Tennis no Oujisama)
Anime/Manga Relationships: Muraki Kazutaka & Asato Tsuzuki (Yami no Matsuei)
Anime/Manga Relationships: Sakurai Hiroki & Tahara Mika (Koizora)
Anime/Manga Relationships: Sanada Genichirou & Yukimura Seiichi (Tennis no Oujisama)
Anime/Manga Relationships: Sohma Ayame/Hatori/Shigure (Fruits Basket)
Anime/Manga Rivalries: Atobe Keigo VS Tezuka Kunimitsu
Anime/Manga Rivalries: Ichigo Kurosaki VS Ulquiorra Schiffer
Anime/Manga Series: Alichino
Anime/Manga Series: Angel Sanctuary
Anime/Manga Series: Hunter x Hunter
Anime/Manga Series: Kaleido Star
Anime/Manga Series/Movies: Rurouni Kenshin
Anime/Manga Music/Songs (Female Solo): Rolling Star (BLEACH 5th Opening/YUI)
Game Characters: Ikki (Amnesia PSP)
Game Characters: Sephiroth (FF VII)
Musicians (Bands/Groups): L`Arc~en~Ciel
Songs (Female Solo): A Thousand Years (Christina Perri)
Songs (Bands/Groups): Umibe (L`Arc~en~Ciel)
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