12.03.2012 - I'm currently fixing all of my fanlisting collective's categories, putting all of my owned and joined fanlistings in one category. So, I'll try to finish fixing them all tonight and hopefull nothing idiotic would occur during the process. Good luck to me!
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Welcome # visitor, to edenTRAP; the fanlisting collective that houses Aki's owned and joined fanlistings. This collective contains fanlistings listed at TFL.Org and TAFL.Org.

This fanlisting currently houses 7 fanlistings with 0 upcoming and 777 total fans. Aki have joined a total of 257 fanlistings and this collective is powered by Enthusiast 3.1.5.

What is a Fanlisting Collective?
A fanlisting collective is a place where you organize all your fanlistings. It is basically a site that showcases all of the fanlistings a particular person owns, hosted at a particular domain or fanlistings of a particular subject.